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Green hair algea winning the battle


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As you all know I am not new to salt water , but this is my very first bought with green hair algea. Here is what has happened:

A liitle over a month ago I bought a green emerald crab and a 5 lb. piece of live rock. And yes it has some hair algea on it, but I figured the crab, snails and hermits would take care of this easily. Boy did I learn my leasson!!!!!

To make matters worst the green emerald went back to the lfs because he like my zoos alot better.

Now it has grown long and I am continually trimming it back. But wait, it has seeded and spead like a made dog!!!! The stuff is sprouting up everywere, even covering the whole back wall of my tank. Now my tank is a 90 gallon bow front with around 80 lbs of live rock. So it is not possiable to take it out and scrub it.


Now I have been using ro water all this time, and yes there are some phosphates. So I have purchased an brand new ro/di2 filter off ebay and it will be here on Friday which should remedy this problem, except for what is in my tank at this point in time.


:huh: Now my question is will it go away on its own once I do some massive water changes(40%) every 4 days for about a total of 4-5 water changes and add a phosphate filter to help remove what phosphates that are remaining in the tank?

I cannot see shutting the lights down completely as I have a ton of zoos in the tank. I figure, no phosphates=no food=no green hair algae.

At this point in time I have no Turbo snails. Do I need to get 1 of these for every 5 gallons? I have heard they donot live for very long, and fall over and cannot get back up, is this true?

Plus I also have some B-inonic gallons on its way to, not sure if this will help with the hair algea, but it sure will help with the calcium/alk levels. :D

I also am looking into buying a 39 gl. refugium with a protein skimmer. As this will help alittle, I hope.

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My 30g went through that gha stage much as you have described. It had bubbles in it and was everywhere. It eventually ran its course, not to say I didn't try a few ways of ridding the tank of it. After alot of research, I found that salinity swings can cause gha outbreaks. I added an ato and in a couple months, problem solved. I also forced my self to only feed the fish every 3-4 days and sparingly then. Just my .02. Good luck!

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One Eyed Bunny

If you wanna kill it just get a decent sized cleaning crew and then turn your lights off for about 3 to 4 days. One the last day check out your tank. Most of the algae will have died off while the rest will be munched on by the tank's crew.

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i have the same problem, im letting it run its course. ive decided to stop water changes, i believe water changes replace trace elements that allow the GHA to continue. im also running lights 10 hrs a day. i tried the low light schedule and weekly water changes, they made things worse. GHA, brown diatoms and red cyano are all part of maturing a tank. in short my theory is to starve it and its working!!!

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you can also try chemicals for removing phosphate (phosguard, sponge, etc.) Nitrates can also feed algae. How are your nitrate levels?

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When I had the green hair algae bloom I did the 9 for $99 thing on IPSF (ipsf.com). I'm not sure if it took care of the problem, or my tank was just going thru a cycle that was ending, but within days the problem was resolved. I do remember looking at the stuff and thinking, "I paid $99 for this?", but I do think it did help alleviate the problem.



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Well my nitrates are around 20. All other readings are 0. So I am heading to the lfs today to get a lawnmower blennie. Maybe this will help.

As for doing a water change, I will do that Friday some time after my new ri/di2 arrives. I'm not even going to try using my ro water anymore, except for what needed top offs it needs.

I found a new product that is made just for killing gha. If all else fails then this is going to be my way to go. Here is a link to the product which just came out on the market.



A little expensive, but it may be worth the try :)

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OKay, just got back from the lfs a little while ago. Bought 2 giant mexican turbo snails, about the size of 1 1/2 golf balls, lol!!! Got to love them. Talk about green hair eating machines. They went straight to it and are totally cleaning it off. And at such a fast place that it is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes they are big and will knock down a few rock, but who cares as long as my tank is saved from the green death. The rocks can easily be put back in place.

Plus I got a lawnmover blennie. I imagine he will be good for always keeping it in check and unnoticeable.

At this rate of consumption, my tank should be looking pretty good by morning.

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For those following this thread, here is a pic of the gha covered rock before the mexican turbo's hit it. I will post a follow up pic tomarrow to show you how much these snails love to eat gha.

Sorry have a crappy kodak, it made the pic really look green.



For those following this thread, here is a pic of the gha covered rock before the mexican turbo's hit it. I will post a follow up pic tomarrow to show you how much these snails love to eat gha.

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