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PomPom Crab question


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While looking at my tank tonight I seen my pompom crabs (pretty rare to see them when the lights are on) but anyway, one of them had a bright orange bulge on it's belly. Is it pregnant???

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It's carrying eggs. I'm not too sure of the reproductive habits of Pom poms. Many crustaetions can be inseminated long before becoming gravid, also many can fertilize several batches with just one insemination. Having said that, mine has held eggs many times. I have yet to see any offspring. This may be due to the crab laying the eggs without being inseminated.... Or, the more likely scenario... Most crabs go through a larval "free swimming" stage. They are basically plankton. Sustaining this in a home aquarium where the water goes through stages of filtration would be highly unlikely, if not impossible.

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