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Powerhead positioneg...Please HElp!


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Greetings all,


I have 2x MJ900's for my 24g pod, but so far only have 1 of them installed. I have it attached to the middle back wall in the tank. I thought if I put it there I could maybe hide it with some LR, but the head sticks out kinda far into the tank. The stock powerhead is in the upper left part of the tank.. it's barely noticable. Should I replace the stock with a 900? Is it that much better.. I want to replace it, but don't want two huge powerheads sitting inside the display, unless I can hide them.


How do you all have your Maxijets positioned? Is there a way to somewhat HIDE them?


I would post some pictures, but cant find my digi cam cord to transfer pics to comp.. still looking around for it.


Thanks for help all



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I replaced the stock pump with a MJ1200 and it is wonderful! Noticed a HUGE difference over the stock pump in water movement.

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