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Skimmer or Canister Filter


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Hello, I’m new to this forum and have a couple of questions. I am going to be setting up a reef in my 29 gallon long. I have an older Magnum 300ish canister filter. Is a filter recommended as well as a skimmer?


I’m new to SW and have kept cichlids before for a few yrs.


Also for lighting. I was going to get the Nova Extreme T-5 Fixtures w/Lunar Lights ( High output) Will this work with most corals I want to put some brains in there eventually as well asa soft corals.


Keep in mind the tank is only a foot deep. Will the light be good for that depth?





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not really sure about those light..sorry. But I think having a skimmer is a good idea. Once you see all the stuff you skim out you will see how affective that a skimmer is.

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you dont need a skimmer or even a filter. Some people chose to do an all natural setup and let the LR/LS do all the work. I use both. I like my canister because of the gph it pushes and the ability to adjust the return line wherever I want. Id say go for it

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