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Finally upgrading!


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Well, I’m going through with my upgrade and would really appreciate a final review as well as some constructive feedback.


1st – I’m going from a 6g nano cube to an AGA 10g. I’m trashing the sand and transferring as much water as possible from the existing tank to the 10g.


I’ll also be keeping my LR – around 8lbs worth and the existing live stock:

Colony of Florida and yuma mushrooms, candy cane, clown fish, hermit, cleaner shrimp and yellow polyps.


I’m only interested in keeping moderately light dependant coral although I’m thinking of eventually keeping a hammer or possibly torch coral.


For the hardware:


Dual 40w Satellite


Can’t decide between a 50 or 70 Aqua Clear

It won’t be used as a fuge but rather a housing for an Ice Probe


Protein skimmer will either be a Prizm or a Bak-Pak


I have one mini jet that I’m thinking of placing in the lower corner of the tank being that the surface will get air flow through the Aqua clear and the protein skimmer



Can I establish a healthy stable environment by adding one more fish?


As you can see I’m still confused on a couple of issues so any feedback will greatly be appreciated.


Of anything is missing please fill me in!

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Hmm....You could add a firefish or maybe jawfish I hear are exciting. Leave the clown in a little tub when you transfer the stuff so the newcomer can get used to it.

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