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How many chambers ? explanation of each chamber ? I have been told and have read to take out the sponge and the bio balls,Liverock is all the filtration i need!



advice would help


Thanks Rudy :huh:

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Two "chambers" in the 24 gal.

I run bio-bale and carbon in mine. The chambers in any "all in one" are a nice place to hide stuff... but how many there are really does not mean anything.

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In the first chamber of mine I have one filter block, a heater (not that it comes on much with those lights) and usually some chemi pure and/or some phosphate guard depending on if I'm having probs.

I don't put anything in the second chamber as it would probably get sucked into the pump. I've been thinking of taking out the filter from the first chamber and putting small LR bits into both chambers but I haven't done it yet.

my tanks been running fine and why screw with it.

And I'm lazy.

I wish I could get a light in there and maybe keep some chaeto, but I don't want to bother with modding it.

I save all my weird stuff for my 29.

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what is the carbon for?


The use of activated carbon in marine tanks is considered to be a form of chemical filtration. Working through absorbtion, GAC removes gelbstoff (the compounds that give water in an aquarium the yellow tint), some large organic molecules, medications, chlorine, pollutants and toxins, as well as many other types of chemical elements and compounds from the water that a protein skimmer or another means of filtration may not remove.

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