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Ideas about modifying hood


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Hi i just wanted to share my plans with you and to see if any one out there has any advice or ideas i can use. Basically im about to set up my first saltwater 13 AGA. It is a converted freshwater tank.

The hood itself sits on the tank like a lid, no room between the tanks rim and the hood at all. Ive decided that i want to raise the hood off the tank by about 1", so theres a gap between the top of the tank and where the hood starts.

Im doing this because im fitting lights into the hood and dont want water to get on them from splashing etc if i can help it.

Does any one have any ideas how i can raise the hood? i,e what i can use? i was think if i could get some type of corner pieces which i could cut grooves into so the hood can fit into and be removed when i need to. any feedback welcome. thanks! :)

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