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Dragonet/Scooter Blenny questions


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How can you tell if your dragonet is getting enough to eat? Of all the ones ive seen, in LFS, pics on the net and mine, they all seem to have very flat undersides.

I am assuming this is normal as mine eats pods all day [i watch him picking them off the glass one by one]. He also eats frozen cyclopeeze every other day too.. I am just thinking that their morphology is different/they dont get pot-bellies like some other fish.


Opinions appreciated. B)

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I've had my male scooter for about a month. He's put on weight and looks quite good. I bought a female about a week ago and her sides are slightly indented. I don't believe you'll see a belly. they will just get broader on the sides. They both eat mini mysis and baby brine that I gut feed with selcon about once a week. There is no way my tank could support 2 dragonettes unless they were eating a prepared food daily and luckily they are quite voracious.

How did you get yours to eat cyclopeeze? Mine rejected it in the beginning so I'm hopefull they'll learn to like it.


Hope this helps,



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