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I have the AP24 and the only mods I have made are to upgrade the pump to a 1200 and took everything out of the back and replaced it with liverock rubble and a pura pad. I still have the stock lighting and nothing too crazy as far as livestock. There is a tri-colored fairy wrasse, a starry blenny and a yellow watchman goby along with a serpent star, pom pom crab, and pistol shrimp.


I am completely obsessed and want to upgrade, but I don't really think the big tanks are as pretty as these. I just want more room to play.


Here ya go....


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wow..lotsa good info here!

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Used older (oldest?) version of the AP24 with the following:


70w MH (had hood originally but orig owner removed fan, burnt lens guard and screwed up the bulbs)

MJ1200 replacing the stock pump

50w heater in back chamber with pump

ChemiPure & Purigen in back chamber

Solana skimmer "wedged" into back chamber (thanks for the tip EZ)

unknown amount of live sand (bought tank set up off eBay used)

unknown amount live rock to start with and then I added even more (came with huge chunks)

way too tall (38") stand (came with set up)

CPR in tank (sm) fuge with caulerpa , chaeto, bit of live sand

Hydor nano powerhead that is not in tank yet since not sure where I want it placed

Hydor Flo that I can't hook to outflow spigot (ancient AP, don't get me started, can't hook up loc line I bought either, same reason!!)


small CUC (asst snails, blue legged hermits)

2 yellow clown gobies


No corals....but want mushrooms and zoanthids (anyone selling for cheap to ship to Az, pm me !!)

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24G Aquapod, 150W MH Sunpod, MJ 1200, Eggcrate filter shelf. Almost done with the cycle, check out my thread for more info.


Redondo Beach, CA

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Ocho Cinco

24 Aquapod owner here. I'm still using the stock filtration until someone can convince me otherwise. I looking for what needs to be done to properly switch over and why it is better. I was going to post a pic but my tanks has changed a lot since last pics. Maybe I'll post tomorrow if I remember.

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AP24, closed top 144 nanotuners lighting, 2 mj 900s one on hydorflo and one on a closed loop circ with a SCWD. 30lbs of lr and 20 of ls. H2Os light diffuser filter floss mod. cut away black vinyl and put in a fuge light (5.1 nanotuners fuge light) to grow cheto.

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24 gallon pod

PC lighting

stock pump

eggcrate filter shelf w/ floss and chemipure

added 2nd fan to hood (1 in, 1 out)

Hydor flo


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24gal AP

Started Jan 14th 2008

Deltec MCE 600 Skimmer

Phosban Reactor

2 tunze 6025 for flow

stock return pump (too lazy to change)

150w 14k Phoenix (thinking about upgrading to 250w)

Additives include all ESV products



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Took my stock top off and replaced with a coralife 150 watt MH. Also replaced stock pump with MJ1200. Had the tank set up for little over a month now and have 20lbs of live rock and 10 lbs of live sand. Using a Koralia Nano for water circulation within the tank. Took all the bio media out except for the stock sponge and puts 5 lbs of live rock rubble in the first chanber undreneath the sponge. Running a hundred watt heater. Livestock is one false perc and a coral banded scrimp for now....Bill...

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I'll keep it simple and I haven't taken the time to upload pics (I'm too busy messing with my tank).

AP 24, stock lighting (just bought two ballast for 120 mod) MJ900, korala 1, coral life 1/10 chiller, nano fussion skimmer and pretty much the same basic mods as everyone else. 30 lbs LR 20 lbs Live sand, misc softies, birdsnest, open brain, acons, hammer, candy cane, eight-line wrasse, cleaner shrimp, black & tigertail cucumbers and the crew.

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