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Aquapod RoLL CaLL

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Hi everyone!


My tank & stand just arrived from DFS today, currently filled with tap water making sure there are no leaks.


Blatantly coping Icenine's tank... stock PC lighting, replacing pump with MJ900 and adding another with a locline Y to the 2nd pump. Still haven't decided on LR yet, its between jean_pool on ebay, premiumaquatics, and sealifeflorida. Looking forward to getting started!


Going to use search but thought I'd ask here too, those of you who've replaced the fans or added another... do you have any "how to" photos/threads? What type of fan and where did you get it?




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Stock lighting, stock pump, awaiting newegg to reship my fans. 30ish pounds of Marshal Island rock set upon Tonga slab. Basic cleanup crew.


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looking good, though some rocks look misplaced :P

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bump to the top!

any other aquapods!???

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aq 24, 150 hqi metal halide, soon to have fuge in chamber 1, philadelphia





the pic is a cpl weeks old, i added since then

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150W HQI

Rio 1400

Current 1/15 chiller


Boca Raton, Florida

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2, AP24's. One is the bedroom, one in the living room.


Living room,

Stock 70 watt HQI lighiting


MJ900 pump

15lbs of Asst. LR

20lbs of LS

100w AZOO titanium heater





150 watt HQI

2- MJ900's

Added the Y-LineLock upgrade

Hydor at stock location

30lbs. of Marshal and Fiji

30lbs. of LS. (going to do a Jawfish so I added extra LS)

Pacific Coast Import Chiller/Heater CL-85, just bought it on Sunday and havent' installed it yet. This weekends project as well as Kitchen sink RO water system

Also Cycling.


I stocked both tanks on the same day with LR and LS and water.


Both are running LR for filtration, and that's it so far. Going to be adding a Skimmer on the bedroom system and maybe in the living room, depending on the bio-load my wife decides to put in tank. She want Seahorses so I think I will end up getting a chiller for that tank as well. It's not as hot, but I am monitoring it. It's consitantly at 80 degress, with an AC vent pumping air on top of it all day. Mine in the bedroom is alot hotter, at night it gets to 78, from the middle of the day around 11am to about 8pm it's 81, without running the lights, and without the added pumps for the chiller and skimmer. With the lights on, it gets above 84. It hit 86 this weekend, so I bought the chiller.


I will post pics after cycle, and after I try to figure out how.


These Aqua Pod theads have been great. I spent a couple of months researching thread on this site and a few others before I settled on a tank and mod's. Couldn't be happier with what I have done so far.


So, for all you that live in the SoCal area, I'll be looking for Frags to start in my tank for addition in a few weeks after cycle is complete. PM if you have any. I would love to swap, but of course, they are new tanks. :)


Los Angeles, Ca. West LA

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Bump. Let's see those AP24 FTS!!!

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24 Gal AP 64w PC 1200mjj w/hydor flow. NO skimmer 24 lbs LR/sand


leather, pumping zenia, zoas, star polyp/button and florida zenia

diamond back goby

snails, shrimp, hermits, sand sifter star, emerald crab


about to add macro alge in display and another fish (havent Decided yet) prob a six line wrasse and some reef rubble in back.


water change about 3 gal week

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I also god an Aquapod 24 with 150 MH.

I am having problem with the MH. If is turning off when It get worm, so the light is on only about 50% of the time only. Anybody with the same problem? I am working with Current USA and hope to get this solve

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My aquapod at 3mo

75W 14k MH, still don't know what I want for a skimmer

Maxijet 900 x2


Please excuse the clutter, still acclimating/healing some coral. Still aquascaping also.






Leptastrea purinosa

pic pending. for some reason I cant ever get a good shot of this when polyps are extended.


Echinophyllia aspera vs E. echinata



Echinophyllia spp.

I think this one is actually what is truly echnophyllia aspera, despite what I think is incorrectly labeled as such on various sites.

(I love these things)



Christmas tree worms on porites

This kinda captures the essence of a nano-reef. Several commensal and obligate animals with various ambiguous interactions on one small piece. The beauty of insignificant organisms dwelling on a single lonely rock. Kind of like us.



One of two true percs, gazing heavenward



Chillin like homies

Can't get over the look on the yellow watchman's face




Red shrooms

currently propagting these. Started with one. Up to four now.



Spotted shrooms

Don't know much about these. I think they call them blue-spotted mushrooms. Will propagate soon.



Not pictured

citron clown

pocillopora sp frags. cadmium green tipped.

acropora spp x3

distichiopora spp, blue

blastomusa merletti

some coral frag from the red sea that i am trying to bring back

green trachophyllia


True perc under isolation

various candy coral

some zoos

some sorta orange flat montipora frags

pectinia, spiny cup kind

fire shrimp

cleaner shrimp

pistol shrimp

emerald crab x2


Two clams. They just don't show up well.

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I have a AP24 MJ1200 & 600, stock lighting. I have a CSS65 that I want to use on this tank, but I dont know how to get it on the tank with the hood on there. Any ideas?

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I'm still a wanna-be! Hopefully I'll be in your club soon!



Hilversum, Netherlands

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Aquapod 24g standard package/standard lighting.

No mods

Tank is empty

Patiently sitting in the corner waiting...


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I just got the ap24..what are the best mods to do b4 i set it up?

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I will edit my first post of this thread and suggest all mods that can be done for the Aquapod 24.

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I just got the ap24..what are the best mods to do b4 i set it up?



My mods are the following.


(FYI, I run an Sunpod 150W MH with completely open top, I have no fish and no chiller currently, so open top is great.)


Shut off all intake vents except the top 1 or 2. (Increases surface skimming dramatically)


Replace all media with bagged rubble rock.

Added a 1" layer of floss in top of rubble to remove debris. Change floss 3X/week. This is especially important in startup when there is a lot of debris in your tank. Nowadays, I will often remove this floss on feeding day, so the extra food is not filtered out so quickly.


Ditch original pump, replace with a MJ900. (This pump has a good flow:wattage ratio, i.e. doesn't add a lot of heat to the water for the flow you get.)


Added 2-MJ900s with fittings run over the top, (I did not drill through the wall and put in bulkheads!) for flow behind my rock pile and extra surface flow.

NOTE: I ramped up to 3-MJ900s when I was having a Cyano outbreak, increasing flow was one way to combat Cyano. I just left the extra pump in there since now I really like my tank's flow.


Note: 15% WaterChange 1/week

Occassional bag of active carbon, apprx. 3 days duration, twice per month.




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Longnose Hawkfish


Just wanted to say mad props to this site, it's creators, and awsome knowledgeable members. I just bought my aquapod after a few weeks or research ( plus I got a steal $$ at Petsolutions)- under $225 for 150 MH!



Only mod so far is drinking a case of beer w/ friends and dremmelling out the back chamber. I fed the 2 additional outlets w/ 1 maxijet 900.

I'll host pics in a sec.


One question I have is:

Anybodys best experience GPH w/ SPS, and soft corals + mushrooms. I figure I'd rather go 22-25 GPH, will my softies be able to hold up? Thanks again for all the knowledge.

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I have a 24,


Aquapod 24 gallon

Sunpod 70 watt HQI lighiting

Tunze 9002 Nano DOC Protein Skimmer

Tunze 6025 Nano Stream

Tunzue Nano Pump (replaces stock)

Whisper 30 HOB filter

Stealth 100 w heater

Jager 100 w heater

30lbs LR

20lbs LS

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12 g aquapod


maxijet 900 replaces stock pump (increase flow and relieve heat)


removed half of the vents (slats you can reach to snap off with pliers) on hood to relieve heat


*new fusion painted hardware cloth screen between plastic wall and plastic light cover to prevent jumpers from entering sump(lost jawfish this way)


removed back plastic to reveal chambers


clamp on lamp for middle two chambers with 6.5k 17w lamp always on


cheap black constuction paper box around clamp lamp (light box?) so i can sleep at night while its on


fuge (middle two chambers) with lr rubble and chaeto


removed all original media


future new lamps will be 32wx2

front will be 10k, not dual daylight

rear will be dual actinic

wanna try mh in low rider hood but... heat! dont want a chiller

exploring skimmer options (tunze, sapphire aquatics )but can't justify bc i am not having water quality issues


having fun trying to grow my own coral garden

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Stock (so far) 64w PC lighting. 4-5 inch aragonite DSB, IO salt (1.025) with a 22 pound box of DFS 'premium' Fiji live rock in the FedEx shipping channel scheduled for delivery tomorrow afternoon. Nano skimmer and an extra RIO 600 pump will be installed when the LR is put in.


AquaPod 24 Standard , added the useless nano skimmer and will add a new fan to the hood - and after hearing from most of you....change out the stock pump for a lower watt one. Which is best?


Does anyone have any pics of their modifications? Specifically the extra fan, and how you fit the extra pumps/replacement pumps,other chilling mods....i saw where someone made their own chiller


South Florida (Ocean Ridge)

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Longnose Hawkfish


1 month old 24G aquapod w 150 HGI Sunpod, w/ xtra plumbing, stock pump + maxi 900. 25 lbs assorted LR ( Marshall, Tonga, EVA).

Purigen bag to minimize nitrates,phospate, and is renewable.

Plan to add sps, mushrooms. Need some ideas please for noncompeting soft corals for bottom.

clean up crew already in.

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12 Gallon Aquapod


Rio 800

Hydor Flo for water movement

Hydor THeo 50W heater in 4th CHamber

Replaced all media

Rubble and cheato in 1st chamber

Sapphire Aquatics NC12 nano skimmer on 2nd chamber (HAD to replace FIssion) this one actually works, my frags are really going in overdrive now.

More rubble, chem pure carbon bag, nitrate absorbing rocks on 3rd chamber

Take the cover off during the day, and run a 150W MH pendant

Mixed reef, with softies, LPS, a few SPS's, zoas, etc.

4 months old.

Tons of snails, hermits, bristle worms (LOL)

1 Strigata Goby

1 Pseudochromis (but he hides all the time)


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Heres mine. Just put water in it tonight.




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1 month old 24G aquapod w 150 HGI Sunpod, w/ xtra plumbing, stock pump + maxi 900. 25 lbs assorted LR ( Marshall, Tonga, EVA).

Purigen bag to minimize nitrates,phospate, and is renewable.

Plan to add sps, mushrooms. Need some ideas please for noncompeting soft corals for bottom.

clean up crew already in.


Howdy All :D I am looking to buy a 24G aquapod w 150 HGI Sunpod, just wondering where you purchased yours? I am in New York, and believe it or not, these are not easy to find locally. Glad I found this site!

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