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Got something in my tank growing..tried to post a pic I found on google images, but it wouldn't go. It looks much like tunicates, purple/blue. Do these really smother coralline?

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I have never heard of tunicates smothering anything, but I have only ever read up on sea squirts.


Where did you read about their alleged smother capability?

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I had done a search on google about them and I clicked so many links I cannot tell you which website it was. But I guess the real question is whether or not the ones that grow in our tank are the colonial tunicate or not...most stuff I read was talking about the colonial tunicate. I can try get pics, but my close ups are poor. Mine are a purple/blue, and I first found them only on one rock but now I see them in between my GSP polyps...I just don't want them to take over.

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So you have more than one.


Do they reside on a common mat or are they distinct indiviuals?


Pics would be great.

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They do not live on a common mat. I bet I just answered my own question. They probably aren't any danger at all unless they do live on a mat...


anyway here is a so so pic of one...


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That looks like an individual tunicate/sea squirt to me.


I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Plus, it's a pretty color, unlike mine which look like they are part of the rock.

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