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To keep or not to keep my Sixliner Wrasse?


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Hi guys, my tanks coming along fine and as my signature below shows I have a nice little reef going.


But all is not well, I got a peullaris (diamond goby, sand sifter) this sunday and drove home. Gave him about two hours worth of cups and cups of water and let him in. He went straight for the bottom and after ONE minute he was shiftin sand like there was no tomorrow. All´s well for about ten minutes when the Wrasse starts to bully him, chasing him and biting him. The thing is that I only got one piece of liverock that stands on the thin sandbed that I keep, so close to the sand where the peullaris lives. On top of that i have a larg flat piece of rock where my sarcos are standing and doing fine and in the middle of that flat one I have another piece of LR that also houses frags. A nice LR reef!


Got the wrasse out, moved the rock around alittle and let the wrasse stay in a small aq for about two hours. Let him back in and he darted into the LR and all seemed fine. The peullaris had now sifted through ALL my sand! before was a nice clean white sandy bottom!


Went to bed and the following morning, early I found the peullaris in a corner, breathing heavily, one eye was out and the back of his head had a hole in it!!


So I had to put the poor guy down, he suffered to much.


so now for the question. Im thinking of doing either of two things:

one: return the wrasse because I do really like the way the peullaris keep the sand clean, and get a new peullaris.

two: getting more liverock to stand on the sand and keeping the wrasse and getting a new peullaris. Feeding the fish first, then redecorate and keep the wrasse in a separate tank for about a week and then letting him back, giving the new guy plenty of time to settle in.


What do u guys recon?


The wrasse never touches any of the oter fish, he was introduced with the clowngoby and nere went for the other clowns or the green chromis.


Any thoughts on this are greatly apreciated!



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i have had a similar problem, but the wrasse ended up killing my clown by bullying him to death. my space was limited and i couldnt move things around. so what i did was get a maroon clown. the wrasse tried to bully him but he got bullied back. so i say just get a bigger or meaner goby. thats all

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sandsifting gobies tend to be peaceful. and sixlines tend to be king's of the tank, especially in small tanks that they're established in.


try this: take the sixline out of the tank. rearrange the rock work a little bit, as to mix up the sixline's territory. add the fish you want to add. then after that fish has been acclimated and look like its in good shape, put the sixline back in. it works sometimes.


i've also heard of people getting a small group of 5-6 sixlines, and they tend to pick on each other instead of other fish, kind of like tiger barbs in freshwater tanks, but keep in mind this is in bigger tanks.

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THink Im gonna go with Eric the reefer. Gonna get some more rock, dont have to much as it is and take the wrasse out and let the new guy get in caracter. I can get either a small medium or large peullaris. I usually want small fish since I got a small tank, but mabye a bigger fish will make the wrasse think twice? But how long should the wrasse stay out of the tank? to be sure?


THanks for the replies!

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Maybe some type of a fairy wrasse might be less aggressive..


I've just recently replace my 6-line with a flasher wrasse. Mine was getting aggressive too. The flasher hasn't been in the tank long enough to really tell you how well he's thriving though. Now it's kinda the other way around with the false percula being the aggressor but I think he will chill once the flasher gets accustom to the tank.

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