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powerquad for a 20h?


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i know that sounds mildly crazy.... i was planning on doing a 10 gallon, but was eyeing the 20s today. i realize the 10s are 20",and the 20s are 24"..

anyways, anyway a powerquad would work? i only want to do zoos,mushrooms,and maybe some softies. i thought i'd ask since i already have the light.

thanks in advance!-adam

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Yes, It should be good but just resting on the tank. Im not sure about this but i think you could use the plus legs to get them to spread on the tanks frame. To answer the coral part yes you could also keep LPS i believe

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i guess i'm mainly worried about the corals.. i'll get the light to work.. maybe i'll stick to a 10 gallon. what would you guys do?

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Quads are perhaps the most wasteful bulb out there intended for reef use. A 2x40watt PC fixture makes more light.


I would do the 20H, but with a 4x24watt T5 unit instead...you will only need 3 of the bulbs on though...4 if you really want it bright, or you could use a shorter photoperiod.


Quads suck for the same reason T5s outdo PC bulbs. PC bulbs are just harder to make decent reflectors for...their bulk means that a good portion of the bulb's output from the backside is lost because it gets reflected back onto itself. Quads are large, and most of that light that comes out of the back half of the bulb gets reflected back into the bulb.


Waste of money IMO. Like I said, a 2x36 or 2x40 watt PC is a better choice and will make more light. Heck, a 20h? A dual 65 watt PC fixture would be better. But if you want the most bang for the buck...T5s all the way!!!


T5s are outdoing halides these days. I have two 40Bs, one with a 250wattDe pendant running a 14,000K pheonix bulb, and the other using a 6x39wattT5 unit (so they are similar wattages) with bulbs selected to match the spectral output of the 14,000K halide as close as possible. The T5 smokes the halide in output and coral growth.

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