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JBJ vs Aquapod


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I have been looking at the 24g for both of these... aside from the lights, is there any major difference between the two?

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Welcome back to N-R.com.

This has been discussed to death. Do a search or the forums and you'll find plenty of info.
Natureboy took the words right out of my mouth/keyboard.
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I went back and forth between the two. I purchased the Aquapod because it has 4 chambers, The lights are on three seperate plugs and it was less expensive than the Nanocube. I also liked the new "Y connector" I am very happy with my Aquapod purchase. Good Luck with whatever you decide!



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Welcome back to N-R.com.Natureboy took the words right out of my mouth/keyboard.

Just purchased a new aquapod 12 2 days ago. I transfered fish ect.. from my old JBJ. It's up and running fine except since day one when the lights and fan are on there is a strong plastic odor coming from the tank.Has anyone else had this problem?

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personally i like the "true cube" look of the nano cube. the aquapod is more rectangular.

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Thanks to the OP for posting this question... I searched but cannot find a definitive thread nailing this down.


In my case, I had a $100 gift certificate for thatpetplace.com. Last weekend I had a trip to that area and thought I'd stop in and pick up my NanoCube since shipping can be a problem... Guess What? They no longer are selling the JBJ's and I knew nothing about the AquaPod. The AquaPod is also more expensive.


My observations up to this point are:


Aquapod has double the lighting

Aquapod has more rear chambers

Aquapod only has one cooling fan vs. two on the JBJ

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