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5.5 with refugium/sump at short end


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Has anyone ever made a sump at the short end of a 5.5? Would this increase circulation in the tank from the return. a shape sort of like the all in one tanks but not actually a cube. Just curious

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The Keeper

I made plans to make something just like that once.


It was a 5.5 split 60/40 which is 10" and 6", the back was going to have a fuge, return chamber, and a small skimmer section.


In the end I didnt build it because the 10*8*12 dimensions where too small. I could barely fit one nice rock in there.. But the thought of what it would look like with a custom hood and base that covered the fuge was intriguing. I love tanks that are visible from three sides and i also like cubes..


I may build a tank like this by myself in an attempt to learn some DIY skills. But with a 10 gallon instead of 5.5


Ironically enough i have a 5.5 now but with the entire tank and a ac500 fuge. http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87530

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