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power compact shoppin on a budget


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One more thing to consider. I think you were looking at a 30". I have the 36" model. Orginally it was on a 29g and it was a little too long therefore the legs did not adjust correctly. If you do buy an Odyssea and you are going to house any soft corals with any coloration to them. (IE colorful zoos) then changing the blue bulb to an actnic is key to get the best color out of them. (Mr. Fosi the lamps for the 30" model are around $20 but for the 96w lamps @$30. That may be where we got our pricing mixed up. Sorry. Hope all this helps.

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Well, I HAD a Oddysea 36" with dual 96w (1 12k, one acitinic ... or at least to my newb eye, it was acitinic).


Up until last week, I had no complaints about the fixture other than the fan running very loud on startup... well that and a very minor issue that the off switch occasionally wouldn't turn the lights off unless you clicked it HARD (that and the legs doesnt' quite fit a 30 gallon AGA 36," but that's a minor aesthetic thing to me). I was genuinely happy with it...


Then it died on me last week. The first thing I thought of was that the bulbs had burned out, but what are the chances both bulbs burn out on the same day?


Given the cost of replacement bulbs in comparison to the entire cost that I paid for the fixture, I bit the bullet and just ordered a new Orbit 2x96w.

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Snail. That sounds like the same switch problem I had. Until eventually the switch went out (in sparks) so maybe your switch needs replacing.

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