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Would this be a good setup to buy?


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I already have a 29 gal tank and stand setup for freshwater. I want to convert it to saltwater. Is there anything I need to ask??? I'm waiting on pictures.




Saltwater Aquarium-29 gallon - $350

A complete Marine set up. Includes over 50 lbs. Live rock, Protein Skimmer up to 110g, Compact Flourescent lightining system with Dual bulbs and moon light, stand and poer head. Retail value in excess of $950.00 e-mail with questions


The lite is a dual compact fluorescent. Each bulb is 96 watts for a total of 192 watts. There is also a moonlight and 2 built in cooling fans. It is made by coralife. The skimmer is a CPR BakPak and uses a maxijet 1200.



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The live rock alone would cost you about that much!

Sounds like a good deal to me.


Find out how old the lightbulbs are. You may need to replace them depending on how long they have been running as the spectrum changes when they get older (life span is only 9-12 months). Even if they do need replacing, it's still a good deal.

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