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? for people with extra pump in rear chamber of NC


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So I am entering my second week of leak testing on my NC24dx, and everything looks fine except for one thing. I've made the mod to replace the stock pump with the MJ1200, and additionally added a maxi jet 600 to chamber 1. I drilled the back wall of chamber 1, passed the outflow of the MJ600 through it, and attached a hydor flo attachment to this. The consequence of doing so is that the water level in the main chamber rises to the point of submerging the protective plastic cover over the main lights in the hood when closed. It is pumping too much water out of the back chambers. I unplug the MJ600, water level evens out between the display area and rear chamber, problem solved. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it? I know other people are doing this mod with an extra pump so just wondered if anyone else had encountered it. From what I've read on here the MJ600 shouldn't be too powerful but is going with a less powerful second pump the only option (other than moving the extra pump into the main chamber)?


At least it isn't cracking or leaking, and temperature with the main lights on constantly and the two pumps running is holding steady at 70F!! :D

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Strange, I've got a NC12DX with a MJ900 and a Rio 800. That equals out to near the flow of yours, and I have no such problem. Could it be the overflow(skimmer)????? I had DIY'd a few different versions and had the same problem. I ended up buying a Millmod skimmer from NanoBob, took care of the problem.

If you don't have a skimmer, I don't know what to do.

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stoney waters

Seems like you are pumping more water than your intake grate can return. There are a couple of fixes. You could try lowering your output by replacing the 1200 with a 900 or lower. Or, add a surface skimmer and break out a few grates to allow it to process a greater flow. Surface skimmers are a good upgrade anyway.

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Wow thanks for the quick replies. If I had known you guys would write back within the hour I would have tried these things last night rather than sleep. Both suggestions make sense, as I am using the MSS surface skimmer that comes with the 06' NCs. I'll focus my attention on the surface skimmer/return area tonight and see if I can fix it. Thanks again.

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It was the skimmer. I used a file and sanded the "teeth" down on the skimmer until I was happy with things. It's working like a champ. Muchas gracias.

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