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skimmer setup advice


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Hi all, I wanted some advice about the setup of my skimmer so ill give you a little rundown first.


Have a 24 gall setup at the moment for about 2months, after the cost of the initial setup left me broke, ive bought a second hand, air driven cheapass skimmer from fleabay - i know its not the muts nuts but i figure its a better option than none at all for a month or so.


The skimmer itself is a lees skimmer - dual air input, 1 for bubbles and air stone, then one for counter current - i have attached two 150l/h air pumps to this. Set up as per instructions but the thing im confused about is the foam line level - it says adjust taps so that foam reaches a line on the skimmer (just below the funnel top where the cup sits).


Now The foam level is at that hieght but it dont seem to be creeping up the funnel enough so that it gets to the cup - should i adjust the position so that the foam is just at the top of the funnel?


I only ask because last night (after a day in operation) the foam started to creep up the funnel and it gave me some tea coloured skimmate, however this morning after looking at the collected stuff, its back to the original foam line position and not getting to the hieght of the top of the funnel to overflow?


Any ideas/advice appreciated (apologies for long post!)


Cheers HOD

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it could be two things:


one, the tank is skimmed to the sensitivity level you've dialed in so it's not skimming anymore until the organics build up again. i.e. more poo


or, it could be something's in the tank that slightly altered the surface tension of the water (i.e. a surfactant of some type). this could be from the oils on your hand, sneeze over the water, deodorant in the room, coral fart, etc. that would slightly alter the bubble tension and in effect break the "skimming dome".


for the first possibility, you could just dial the second air line (bubbles, not the airstone) to be faster. this would create more residence time for the skimming bubbles inside the reactor chamber.


for the second possibility, your best bet is to just wait it out until the surfactant or whatever is evaporated or absorbed (carbon is good here) or skimmed out. hth

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