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Show me your clown gobies!


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I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to these guys, one of the best nano fish out there IMHO. My ycg makes me laugh, he's a nutty little guy. I'd love to see pics of yours too :D


Here's 'Bert', we've had him for about ten months now. He started out SKINNY and was an incredibly picky eater. Now he's a pig, pushes everyone else out of the way at feeding time, and has a great big belly! He guards his fox coral jealously, won't let anyone - including me - near it :)



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Great Pic and, by the looks of your Fox, Bubble, and corraline, obviously a beautiful tank !

I'll be picking up my yellow clown next week. Any preferences between okinawae and citron ? Would Kent Carnivore Pellets (small) suit this guy ? Please tell me mine might make my Torch home like yours has made your Fox ?! I can't wait to post pics of mine later. Hope it looks as good as yours. Later.

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Thanks for the compliment! I like all clown gobies, I have no real preference. IMHO, any clown goby is a terrific fish, especially for a nano :)

My advice is to make sure the goby you choose is eating before you buy it - these guys have a mediocre survival rate; like angels, many of them refuse to eat and just waste away.

I had to spot-feed Bert, rotating different foods, several times each day at first. For the first two months, he would only take one bite of a given food before losing interest. Eventually one day he decided to start eating pellets, and it was all downhill from there. After a few months, he put on weight and his little personality really started to emerge - these guys are a HUGE attitude in a very small package! I used to have a 2" maroon clown (eventually returned her to the LFS due to agression issues), she terrorized the other fish but not Bert - he was about 1/8 her weight and pushed her around. It used to confuse the heck out of her, he'd chase her out of every coral she tried to host! Yours might hang out in your torch, then again it might fall in love with a powerhead, who knows? :D

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Here is my green clown goby. First and longest fish in tank, about a year now and the little guy hangs in all of the Kenya Trees, zoas, mushrooms, and every piece of equipment. When its around feeding time he'll even swim onto my hand and nibble off the cube, until the cleaner scares him off for a second.


And if you love everything goby, then post a pic of any goby here http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81673

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heres my GCG he loves to just chill on the leather or on a shroom. i had a yellow one but he died a while back....i have to agree with u guys...clown gobies are so cool and perfect for nanos.


i lvoe this pic because its the first half decent one ive taken in my tank. hope u like

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