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shrunken shroms


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Nano is 1 week odd. I bought some green mushrooms and tonight they shrunk or balled up... :o Not sure if they are ok or dying. Help

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shroom are very tough to kill. Test your water and get back to us with results. After a week though your not gonna be completely cycled. Most peopl wouldnt have put any coral in yet. But shrooms should be okay. Like I said let us know how you water looks and wait a few weeks before getting anymore coral.

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Well it is normal for mushrooms and all corals to close up at night. Could you post information about your tank? like how big is it, lighting params, stuff like that. Just to make sure your on the right track so far.

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I used fully cured figi rock from Aqua Touch. All of the amonia, nitrate, nitrite, alk , and calcium tests were right where they should be (i have the salifert kits)...The schrooms opened up the next day :D I bought a leather which I think was a mistake. He slimed my tank and some got on the other corals, no outward signs of problems. Hope he didn't hurt the other corals (he is on the other side of the tank)

I have a 24g nano with a metal halide light, pre mixed salt water, sand seeded with 2lbs live sand. The temp is 79.5-80.0. I have blue leg crabs, scarlet crab, snails, and peppermint shrimps (i think one might have died) I am going to do a water change tonight.

Any suggestions?

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