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is my tank done cycling?


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Okay, i put some LR in on the 23rd in my 24 gallon aquapod and now there is alge all over the tank. ive been testing the water but the parameters dont change. Did this cycle while I wasnt looking? the nitrite is at <0.3 and the amonia is at 0. these havent changed from when i first tested on the 26th or the 27th.


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Do a 50% water change and get some of that algae out of there. Test it 3 days after the water change.

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So , it's been bout a week?

Just LR and no live stock ...yes?


Wouldn't say you cycle is done, would say it's just begun.


Do a water change and clean up a bit if it makes you happy.


Time is your friend here. Just get into the 10% once a week routine

and clean up alge as needed. Give it a month. Two would be better if you can stand to wait. Then think about livestock.


Good luck ...

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