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What should I add next?


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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to the whole marine fish thing. I've kept fresh tanks for years, but am now learning about saltwater tanks. My husband has a 75 gallon at home that he's slowly stocking and I've been learning from him and reading.


I started a 5 gallon nano in my office at the beginning of March. I stocked it with live sand (about 1-1/2 inches deep) and 5 lbs. of live rock. All of the rock and sand came from my LFS along with my first batch of water. Since then, I have added (not all at once) - 3 very small hermit crabs, 1 button polyp, Anthelia (several stalks - freebies from a co-worker), and 1 True Perc.


The snail I transplanted from my husband's tank died several weeks ago, so I need to add one or two snails for the algae.


I do about a 20% water change once a week. Temp is around 80. The tank is a 5 gallon eclipse corner tank. I'm not running the biowheel and instead of the filter cartridge, I've put some live sand up there. The hood has been modified to accept 2 Corallife 10 watt 50/50 actinics. I have the lights on about 8 hours a day (with a timer).


Water chemistry is looking okay. I'd like to have my nitrates at 0


Nitrate: between 0-20 ppm

Nitrite: 0

KH: 300 ppm

pH: 8.4


So, what are suggestions for things to add next?? I'm open to just about anything (as long as it doesn't break the bank).




Houston, TX

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Fishwise, you're about set for a five-gallon. That true perc is probably loving it in there alone, but there isn't anything that is friendly enough to be in there with it. If your tank specs are fine, and stable, you could drop a GSP or some zoanthids, mushrooms, pumping xenia even.


If you're looking for an invert, a enjoy my serpent star, and cleaner shrimps.

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try the snails again to see if they die. if they make it, then go for the cleaning crew (snails, hermits). give it a week or two then add your first SMALL fish that will stay small, not like me that bought a clarkii clownfish. welcome to Nano Reef!

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Hi Liane,


Good job so far!!!


I've also recently purchased an Eclipse Corner 5 and hope to stock it with some LR, coral and inverts. However, as we all know the lighting in these babies doesn't really cut it. I switched the stock bulb with a 10 watt coralife 50/50, but I still think that it won't be enough. What I'd really like is something like a 2X10W system, one 10K and one actinic on separate power switches so I can have them on separate timers. Could you explain exactly how you did the mod on your hood (pictures would also be greatly appreciated)? Also, did you have to add a fan in the hood to keep the temperature down?




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Thanks for the compliment. I took the DIY approach to mod'ing my lighting. Hopefully I can explain it here.


The stock hood actually contains 2 bulb sockets. However, one of them is hidden behind plastic.


1. Go to Home Depot and pick up the following:

1 replacement cord (found in electrical aisle) Heavy duty, 3 prong.

2 weatherproof wire nuts appropriate for the wire gauge

electrical tape

Ductwork tape (this is actually metal aluminum tape with an adhesive backing)


2. Remove hood from tank


3. Disassemble the lighting fixture and remove from hood.


4. Dremel out all plastic ridges, etc. to make inside of hood nice and sooth. I used a cutting wheel and then one of the sanding drums. Affix aluminum tape to lighting area (see attached photo)inside_hood1.JPG


5. Drill hole in center back of hood (see attached photo)[/img]


6. Rewire outlet with new, heavier-duty plug. Use weatherproof wire nuts and electrical tape to secure.


7. Re-install light fixture in hood using center drilled hole for on/off switch


8. Install 50/50 bulbs.


9. Re-install hood on tank and enjoy! HPIM0119.JPG


Caveats: I am NOT an electrician!! Please use common sense when messing with electricity of any kind - especially around water. You should ALWAYS use a GFIC around water.


For my setup, the two bulbs are on the same outlet, but it is possible to rewire it for two switches (one on either end). Home depot also carries light sockets with the switches.

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... The stock hood actually contains 2 bulb sockets....


That is COOL. I never knew that. I have one at my desk at work (freshwater) with just a betta in it. I might have to find him a knew home.


First I got some more questions for you.


What is the rated gph flow in this tank? I found on the marineland site that the 3gal is 35gph and the 6gal is 75gph. Can't find any info on this. You got a powerhead in there?


Do you have any heat issues w/o fans? My tank is usually running at 80 w/ the one light. I never see my 25w heater on. What is your maintenance routine?


Is the filter BIO Wheel bad for saltwater or is it because of the frequency in which you have to change it?


Since you got all your stuff at the lfs, how long did you let it cycle before you added the cleaning crew.


Sorry for all the Q's.



PS - I run 1 10w 50/50 now. Like the color is shows on the decor. ;)

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Wow glad I found this thread, just hoping someone will respond as it's an oldie.

I have also just bought the eclipse corner 5g & am wondering some of the same things as others on this thread. I will be putting around 7.5lbs of live rock, 5-10lbs live sand, 1 or 2 small fish, a cleaning crew (looking for advice on this) & some soft corals.


1. Is one 10w 50/50 CF bulb enough for just soft corals

2. If not do you need a fan w/ the 2X10w 50/50 modded set-up or can I just drill a bunch of small vent holes in the canopy for the heat?

3. Do you need a heater w/ this small of a tank & either of these lighting set-ups?

4. Is the stock filter w/ some live sand in the tray & a mini powerhead enough for filtration?

5. If not what should I replace stock filter w/ ? Also where & how do I place this new filter?

6. What is best to clean out a brand new acrylic tank w/? And for that matter what is best to use when cleaning filter parts and any other item you use with an aquarium?


Any & all advice is welcomed. Thanks.

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