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Snowflake Eel advice


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I have a 6" long snowflake eel in my 29.

He won't eat any of the peppermint shrimp I put in there for him or any bits of clam meat I put in for him.

He will however (I'm thinking) swim to the top of the tank and snipe a fish every few days.

I'm down a chromis and now a clown. I haven't actually seen the eel do this, but my two fish are missing. I've moved rock around to look for bodies, they are not there. I'm guessing eaten and I have a suspect.


Has anyone had an eel prey on top of the tank fish when his level has plenty of shrimp, etc?

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

how long have you had the eel? i've had one for 6 months, he's about 10" now. if he is indeed 6" i would highly doubt your eel was swiping fish unless very small. how big a fish we talking?


i'd try and ween the eel to krill. try hand feeding the eel (with a stick/tongs etc.) my eel was very very picky at first, if the shrimp wasn't turned in the correct dirrection (back of the krill facing the eel horrisontal to fit right in the mouth) he wouldn't take it.


also if the stick was right above his head, he wouldnt eat. so try feeding him from either side of the eel. in time my eel started eating from my hand (2 weeks) 10" and he's never so much as opened his mouth to my clowns, fire fish,gobies etc. the small crustation he was all over (cleaned out a coloney of 1" pistol shirmp in a week, and depleted my 20-30 small hermitt supply) however my pep still lives with him, guess he's still to large to eat .


how big is the shrimp your feeding him? might be to big.

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