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Thats the best 3d mock-up I can muster. It's to scale.


Display - 24x24x12 inches

Surge Tank - 5x22x12 inches

Sump - 10g AGA with ASM Mini

Closed Loop - 1150GPH Panworld

Sump/Surge Return - Undecided GPH Panworld


Lighting - 175w Iwasaki + 175w Icecap Ballast

Actinic - 2 T5/PC/VHO Undecided...


Surges of 5 gallons will wash into the display. The water level should be about 2.5 inches below the top of the tank and less then half an inch below the top during a surge.

Who thinks they can plumb this thing? :D


And of course, this will be an SPS tank. I'm thinking maybe rock wall style?

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Noice!!!! Awesome diagram.


I like t-5s personally, but many say that VHOs are best for actinic. Iwasaki just came out with a 14k 175 watt halide bulb, and it looks pretty sweet. :D


EDIT: Doh, just realized you mentioned the Iwasaki.

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EDIT: Doh, just realized you mentioned the Iwasaki.


The Iwasaki 175w > Most 250w MH's I was looking at.

I get to save electricity and have the same amount of light!


I love how sketchup sounds like ketchup. This is my first attempt with it and I like it. I just can't figure out how to draw pipes to scale....

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Looks impressive.


I would make the bottom a bit sturdier, unless its all going to be bolted to the wall.

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I just can't figure out how to draw pipes to scale....

what do you mean? you should be able to draw the circle and extrude it. corners can be tricky though. you can either run 2 pipes into each other at a 90 deg angle to each other, or extrude a curcle a quarter turn for a true pvc L fitting.

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