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Clean 20L Plumbing Ideas?


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Ok so I have had pretty good luck over the past year and a half with my NC and I am out of room so I am setting up a new 20L. I bought the tank last night and I am having a hard time deciding on my plumbing.


This is going to be an open top tank so I have some requirements. I want the tank to be as clean as possible. No tubing over the top of the tank. No big boxes or plumbing inside the tank. And I want the water line covered by the black trim of the tank.


So here are my 2 ideas so far:


First is a Closed loop for the main pump (mag3?) and then use an exteral durso for the sump and mag 1.9 for the return. My only concern is how high will I have to mount the Durso to keep the water level about the black trim?



Next, Im not sure if this is possible but I was considering removing a section of the black trim in the back, and actually cutting and overflow into the glass, then having an external overflow box. And Using maybe a mag 5 or 7 for the return.



The tank will be mostly lps/zoos/rics, a clam, and maybe some easy sps down the road.

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Just to be safe you may want to use a safer inline pump for your closed loop. Maybe a quietone if your looking for something inexpensive. The gasket is much thicker, just a little more insureance. For your drains, you may want to drill a little lower and use clear elbows upturned. That way you can make adjustments to the water level by simply turning the elbow to the side slightly. The external overflow box idea is good as well, you can check out www.aquaticcreationsonline.com and click on the custom aquariums and furniture. The second page of the gallery has a picture of a large flat back hex with 2 external overflows to give you an idea.

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Thanks man, I think I am going to go with one 1" external durso with the elbow Like you said, with 2 x 1/2" returns from the sump maybe with a SCWD. Trying to keep it simple.


I guess I'll go with a quite one pump, liveaquaria has them on sale.

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is'nt the plastic trim along the top also for support of the glass? its like cutting the center support of larger tanks when filled, the front and back glass will bow putting excessive pressure on the panels.

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