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Little red branching hard coral thingies?

Matt K

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Ok, so I'm starting up a new tank, and one rock I have has all these little red branched things on it. At first I thought they were little feathery worms, then I looked closer, and thought they might be tiny tunicates. But then I poked one with my forceps, and it's hard... There's also a white, taller similar thing. Additionally, this rock used to be sort of upside down on the sand bed, in it's previous tank, so might these be some sort of coral-like roots or something?


anyway, here are the pics. The biggest red ones are about 3-4mm tall, while the white one is about 1cm tall.




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Don't quote me on this, but i think they are some kind of coraline formation. I also had them on my liverock when i got it. There were are even some growing on a few of my corals when i bought them.


Just my two cents.

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thanks for the info.

I just popped in the thread for no reason and now have ID for two different things that have been confusing the hell out of me (I have the red and the whites)

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