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70w MH?


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does anybody have the 70w MH lighting over ur 12g nanocube or 12g aquapod? i perfer to hear the 12g aquapods cuz i myself have one and am planing on getting this fixture. any body have it? wat do u have in ur tank? wat can u keep in ur tank? wats ur lighting schedule?

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its nothing like that like wat i was looking for. i was actually looking for the 70w 20" sunpod. i wanna get the 16" but they just got out. i just want to c if any one has the sunpod set up with the mounting brackets. and i want to no wat they have in their tanks. im looking more for a aquapod but a nanocube is ok if there arent no aquapods

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I have the 70 watt sunpod. I have an acro frag, a hydnophora frag, and some colony polyps. I will be adding some different acros pretty soon and some zoos. I have a little shade in there in the corners, and I have a few overhangs that I might put some shrooms in. I think you can probably keep whatever you want with that light over a 12 gallon. I have a 10 gallon, and I am not worried about not having enough light.

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