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I recently bought a percula to go with my other. He has been in the tank for a few weeks now and has been doing some weird things. The thing that may be of concern is that he goes to the top of the water and sticks his mouth to the top of the water and sometimes out of the water( did this as soon as I got him). The other percula does not do this. I have read that if there is an oxygen problem they may be doing this type of behavior. The other thing he does is gets close to the other percula and bends his tail and shakes it. Almost like a teritorial type of thing but other than some aggresion when I first put him in the tank he seems to have no real territorial issues. Are either of these normal behavior?

I did check my water for amonia, nitrite,and nitrate and they are all low ( amonia is just starting to read). the tank is 1 year old.

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Normal behavior. They are deciding which one gets to be the female. Provided you properly set them up to pair by buying young clowns and introducing the smaller one second.


but on a different note, whats the set-up? ammonia should not read in an established tank.

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12g nc. the amonia had a small reading because my pump was not working properly(it was cloged). I did a water change(2gallons) and its ok now. I have never had an amonia problem so im not really coralating this to an issue.

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thanks. I thought the one going to the top might be dying or something. Should have known he was o.k because he still eats like crazy.

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