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Stocking suggestions for new 30G


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I already have one false perc that will be moved into the tank when it is cycled and I would like to add another so I have a pair. What else could I add that would be reef compatible?

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In 30 gals the list is long. Blenny's are popular fish. Shrimp/Gobies. Dwarf Angles. Small Wrasses. Lots of fish. More people will chime in with what they run in similar sized systems.


I have a 40 Breeder with 2 clowns and a Midas Blenny. When I put on a sump this summer (hopefully) im looking at adding another fish. Dwarf angle or possibly, dare I, Kole Tang.

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i got a 29 right now with a lawnmower blenny a sixline and a small baby yellow tang also have 2 peppermint shrimp a pistola shrimp bunch on snails yes i have a yellow tang flame me but i have a bigger tank planned by the time this one grows up so :P

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