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Please Advise- Purchasing a System



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  1. 1. Which system should i purchase?

    • Aquapod 24g 70w MH ($300ish)
    • Finnex M-Tank 20g reg. complete package($400ish)
    • Finnex M-Tank 150w MH complete package($600ish)
    • Finnex M-Tank 32g complete package($600ish)
    • Nanocube 24g DX complete package($400ish)
    • Nanocube 24g Viper Combo ($300ish)
    • Other (Oceaic 30g or wait for the Oceanic cubecoming out later this yr)

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I'd really appreciate any/everyone's opinion as to which system i should get. I've wanted to do a nano reef system since i saw the first nanocubes, but got a lil scared off for a little while with all the problems they were having (and after my first arrived shattered). But I can't stay away any longer and would like to start a nano reef tank asap.


I'm looking for a complete system ( filtration/lighting) that requires little to no modding (i had thought about making a fuge and doing minor things if i got the pod or nc) I really like the idea of the complete packages offered on Nanocustoms. Especially since the budget isn't very big at the moment and i'm looking to get something around $500 or so system wise, even better if less. I'm planning on taking it slow and building over time. Also i was wondering if i should wait for the oceanic 30g cube.


I'm many wanting to do the easy-mod corals and things like bubble coral, xmas tree, colt, leathers, polyps, mushrooms, zoos, xenia etc. And maybe a bubble anenome and at least 4-5 fish (most likely false percs, gobies, dart fish and maybe a cherub angel). I'd really like to have a shrimp gobie/shrimp pair and was wondering if shrimp and sifter gobies get along.


Well that's about all i can think of to ask at the moment and thanks for any input/advice that is given :).

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thanks for everyone taking time to look at the thread and voting......i still could use more votes though since there's a 3 way tie for which system i should get.


And i've been trying to find if sifter gobies can co-hab with shrimp gobies..does anyone know?



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