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Oil on tank top?

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Hello All,


As I understand it, a film on top of the tank is a somewhat of a normal situation, but it drives me nuts. :)


The "oil" on top of the tank is without color, but it seems somewhat thick. It really doesn't bother me until my Margarita snails and Blue-legged hermit crabs seem to slow down to a crawl. Even with a powerhead stirring the surface of the water, it doesn't seem to help.


If I do a water change (a gallon or so a week in my 10 gallon) everything in the tank seems to become active again. So, I tried to do 2 water changes a week, at 1/2 a gallon a week, but it has helped very little.


The "oil" situation has seemed to get worse since adding 2-week cured Manano rock, but it has always been present.


Is this normal? Should I be concerned or is this okay? Would a surface skimmer be a good idea?


Thanks for the help.


(Edited by SaltyDog at 1:39 am on May 21, 2002)

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the oil slick u are seeing, is most likely protien on the surface and an excess buildup of nitrates.... or since in the addition of LR possibly ammonia... I would recommend adding a skimmer part time or possible a surface overflow and see if that helps...

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for how long as your aquarium been up and running?  adding live rock after the system has established itself probably isn't the best idea, but since you've already done it i would just do water changes, every day if i had to.  i cured my own LR and i just kept changing changing and changing water until the foam went away and the ammonia/nitrite readings went to zero.  worked well.

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