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Cultivated Reef

No Way!! Amphipods?

Wigguh Noony

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My 5 gallon is total crap:

5 Gallon

2" of Southdown


Crap Heater

15 Watt Flourscent Light

about 8lbs of LR

..and I moved the filter for it to another tank, so the only thing running in this tank is an air pump. :*(


The reason for the air pump, is because I was planning on moving everything out of the 5 gallon..and putting it into a fuge I am making for my 125 gallon.


The thing that shocks me the most...is that I have Amphipods in this damn tank. WHY?



^^Thats Them^^


I always thought amphipods were a sign of a healthy tank..wtf? :o

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Why not? They are very tolerant of temperature (as long as it isn't too warm), don't care if the lights ever come on, and eat almost anything, detritus, alga, whatever they find, and they breed like crazy (you had better if a lot of things go around snacking on you) and there is nothing in the tank to cull the population.


The tank was acting like an amphipod fuge...

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Yup they shall LIVE!!! hahahaha


I had a tank I torn down a long while back and I left it outside under the patio with about an inch of water. Couple weeks later I moved the tank and there they were running around! Thought it was kinda cruel so I fished them out and added them to my 55.


Yeah when we all die the world will be ruled by roaches, ants, and amphipods!!

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I had a seahorse tank and I took it down one day... I put it outside in humid weather, and in a few weeks I had HUGE Brine Shrimp.


-Anyway, I was just suprised coz I didnt think this tank is healthy at all. ;)

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