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zoos not opening


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It`s been about 1-1/2 weeks and 1 colony of zoo`s still will not open completely. When I look at them closely I can see that they trying to open but barely(I can make out the center of the polyp). About 1-2 weeks ago I had a shrimp that was on them for a few days picking at them(camel shrimp). I got rid of the shrimp and the colony still will not open. I figured it could take a few days to open but nothing is happening. All the other corals in my tank are healthy and my water conditions are good. I did do a partial water change(2gallons) just a sanity check. Is there a chance that this colony is damaged as aresult of the shrimp or could it take even more time to open? I will need to replace my lights which are stock 36watt lights for the 12G N.C.They are getting dark on the edges but as I mentioned before my other corals do not seem to be in distress. Any ideas?


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Could be a number of things, first thing I'd do is a fresh water dip then place them in the upper half of the tank to try and entice them out.

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