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12g Nano-Cube DX Shrimp Zoanthid Mushroom Tank


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12g Nano-Cube DX Shrimp Zoanthid Mushroom Tank

I just bought a Nano-Cube DX used was used for like 6 months and the guy moved so I got a really good deal.


I have Live Rock/Sand.

Different Color Mushrooms

Different Color Zoanthids

and Xenia and Green Star Polyps

Some Snails

2 Peppermint Shrimps

2 Harlequin Shrimp will be add a thrid from you 7gl :lol:

All of witch I'll get into later


I have a 30 gl tank. I also have a 7 gl which will be replaced by my 12g Nano.


The Sand in my Nano came with the tank. The rocks are a mixture of the ones that came with the tank and the ones from my 7gl. Will also be moving my Cleaner Shrimp into the Nano as well as my Clown.

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Heres My Frist Picture of the Tank. You can see one hte Harlequin Shrimp in the back. I have a total of 3 Harlequin Shrimp so far :D . The two big ones are using the cave in the back. Great place to watch them but hard to take a good picture of.

I set up my tank so I can see into the caves and have some other plans for the tank. More info to come.


Please tell me what you think so far. New to writing posts like this.

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Hey Nice tank. I like the Mushrooms. Do you have a close up of one of your Shrimp? I have never heard of that kind before.

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If you know how to take better picture, that shows how the tank really looks Please tell me. And No I am not going to buy a new Camra!

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