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Easy Build Refuge


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Hey Guys


You may have followed the post started by mcloveman about the eBay purchased refugium (if not, check it here: http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81859). I decided that I didnt like the look of that eBay one and I wanted one that would fit my tank perfectly. So in the spirit of all DIYers, I made my own.




The pictures of construction are too big to post here, but check out the links below.








As you can see, I am clearly not great at getting silicone sealant into the corners without making a mess!


The black wood structure is a stand I made so that the fuge does not actually support its weight on the back of my tank.


I cant really get a good picture of it on my tank just because my tank sits back in a niche, but you can probably see it in your head. It works the same as the one on eBay-- the outlet is lower than the inlet, meaning gravity forces the water back into the tank. If the outlet was to get clogged, it wouldnt overflow because the inlet would also be able to let water back out. I use a MaxiJet 400 to run it which works quite well. Having the PVC Pipe that can move works really well.... only 1/8th of an inch is in the water, but it rotates so I can direct the flow. I have my skimmer in the fuge as well. It really cleaned up the back of my tank since theres no more HOB filter--- its a maxijet and a small piece of PVC in the water.


Regarding construction: I used 1/4in acrylic and had the guys at home depot cut it for me. Drilling the holes was suprisingly easy. I got a $5 hole saw bit made to cut wood and attached it to my drill. Using ALOT of water to keep it cool and going really slowly (stopping every so often to cool the acrylic) I was able to punch out the holes pretty quick. Just charge extra batteries for your drill because I went thru 4 sets making these holes! lol. I used a strong acrylic glue to bond the pieces together. After that dried I covered all the bonds with aquarium sealant. All in all, it may have cost slightly more than the one off of eBay (maybe by $5) but I think it was worth it. No poorly cut pieces to worry about and I could make it the size I wanted. If you want to know the cut list of which sizes of acrylic I used, i would be happy to provide.


(PS- This is hanging off of the back of my 11g Jalli bow front tank)



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I like the stand...definately a good idea over just hanging on the tank.


It looks really good. Next time a few bulkheads might be easier but that will up the price.


All in all I give it an A- !

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Very nice kmitch, good work. Due to the crack like nature of this hobby, I no longer use the fuge I bought and am setting up a 20H with a 10g fuge with protein skimmer below. Oh well one more piece of equipment to clutter the basement.

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Your pictures aren't working for me. I'll try again later!


I hope to view them at some point though as this sounds like a good idea so far...

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If you want pics from this thread, PM me with your email address and I will send them to you. There are too many to keep on my hosting account bc they take up some space.

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