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Snail on Hydor!


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At this very moment a snail is riding my hydor around and around. I bet he is dizzy!


Well that made my night he rode it for about 5 revolutions then crawled back off. I guess this is one reason to leave the lip on the back of it but it looks so much better without it.

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We actually have a hermit crab that likes to get on ours and ride 'round and 'round. Keeps 'em clean though. And it's amusing for us. :D

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My 2 nerite snails always ride the hydor. They usually keep it really clean. When getting on the will make the hydor stop spinning until fully on the rotating part. Found that out last night when I was wondering why it just stopped spinng and I turned just a little and saw my nerite fall to the bottom.

One of my nerites rode the hydor for about 2or3 days before getting off. I think it was his first time on and got confused.

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Hehe I think it's funny!


My apple snails give me great laughs...they're really silly little fellows. Aren't aquatic animals just so entertaining? I can sit in front of my tanks for hours....

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