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5 gallon lighting


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I have a 5.5 with a 17" 48w JBJ Formosa....works and looks great. Got it on e-Bay from "reefking" for $90 plus $12 shipping. I think the price has gone up to $100 now though.

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More input to twist yer brains? I think the two 13's are going to seriously limit your livestocking choices... I mean I have that setup on a 2.5 gallon. On my 5.5 gallon I have a CSL 2x32 hood...and I gotta tell you, looking at it this long I have a hard time imagining it having LESS light than that.... I can keep pretty much anything in it. Most corals can adapt themselves to an abundance of light but not the other way around. And since your choices of livestock is what should dictate your lighting arrangement, by your previous question of, "What is a good amount of light to have for almost anything other than maybe SPS." I'm guessing you want to leave yourself plenty of room for choosing the inhabitants....

Soooo, starting off with 2 13's might not be too bad, at least tank size will allow squeezing more in there later if you didn't wanna blow your whole wad at once on lighting. Personally though, I would recommend starting out with a 32 watt combo bulb... livestock choices go up dramatically PLUS you can throw another 32 on there later down the road should you want to throw some SPS or any other for that matter "light needy" animal.

Just some thoughts.....

Oh and I should point out... although far from a scientific analysis... but you've heard in reference to incandescent bulbs, a 100 watt bulb puts off more light than two 50 watt bulbs... well from observations this holds true for tube lighting as well. I can assure you that that single 32 watt tube puts out considerably more light than the combined 26 watts from the 2X13 setup.

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I have spent my entire evening looking at different lighting and I now agree with you Glazer. I am going to need more light. I found a 2x32 retro on Champions site that looks really good so as of now I am leaning towards it with one 10,000K and an actinic. This should fit my needs better and while it is twice the price its only 50 bucks more in the scheme of things and I know I will spend a lot more down the road if I don't go ahead and do it right now.


Thanks for all the help guys. I now need to go transfer some funds out of that savings account of mine.:P

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Originally posted by el pez

sorry, its a chevy truck forum and there is a member on it named crazyaggie05.  suprisingly similar. sorry


No thats not me, but I am on another chevy truck forum, www.zr2.com


here is a pic of my truck, its always fun to whore pics.;)

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Whew! I'm glad you didn't order those 13 watt from HL. The ballast is in the fixture and they run hot!


I'm running 3x13 AH Supply on my 5.5. I'm happy with it, tho' more is almost always a good thing.

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im contemplating on having Dave ESPI build me a canopy complete with MH's for my 5.5 SOrry I dont know the EXACT specs as of right now, but overall what do you guys think about MHs on a 5.5? Spanks



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jjharrisx4 I've seen you say that on a few threads, but all the others say the jbj clampon's or formosa are fine.


Are there some threads I'm missing? I'm looking at the dual 36w formosa or clip on for my 5g aga minibow

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