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2.5 update time


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hey everyone here is my 2.5 update.....the coralline is coming in nicely after I get a few more corals it should be pretty purple.

I just took out a damsal I had in there also.

I will be added a high finned red banned goby with a pistol shrimp.

here are the pics tell me if the rock should change or sand or something please or if it is just dandy :D .............

fts shot


zoo rock growing nice and slow


and my 1 discoma mushroom



here is my 2.5 update everyone enjoy :P

(I know I know its still a lil dull but it'll get there)

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if your getting a pistol/ goby pair, you will need fine sand such as sugar sized so they can burrow

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Nice tank! I plan to update my 2.5 as well soon. I have a green clown goby in my 2.5, and so far he's been good. What kind of cleanup crew do you have?

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thanx everyone!!! my clean up crew is 3 crabs: 2 blue legged 1 reef hermit and 1 astrea snail i will be getting 2 more soon.

do i have to change my sand to have a goby pistol pair????

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