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how do u get the hydro deflector to fit the 12g aquapod?


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i just got one and thought it would go rite in. but realized that it doesnt. i think the hole of the return outlet is too small for the hydro to be inside the hose while the hose is in the outlet. (yea, i no, confusing) has anyone done this and modded the outlet? i need help fitting it in. how did u do it?

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I think you are talking about a Hydor FLO Rotating Water Deflector. I have one on my AP12g and will double check how I fit it on. If I recall correctly, I cut a small piece of 1/2 pvc about 1-1.5" that slid inside the return and then used one of the adapters to slide over it. I will double check and post a follow up tonight.

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Another recommendation.


Take a knife and scribe around where the ring at the back where it meets the body of the Hydor and cut the ring off. It will look much better . smaller in the tank. The ring isn't needed. The plastic is soft so it isn't hard.

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