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26g clean up crew


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Just wanted a second opinion on this proposed clean up crew.


Specifics of the tank:

26 gallon AGA Bowfront

25 lbs Premium Aquatics Marshall Live Rock

30 lbs "arag-alive" live sand

Aqua C Remora Skimmer

96w Finnex T5 lighting


The cycle is complete, and I'm starting to see some algae growth. It is mostly hair algae, I was more successful in picking off the bubble algae before I put the LR in, plus there was less of it.


Here's my proposed reef janitor staff:

12 scarlet reef hermits

12 nassarius snails

12 bumble bee snails

5 trochus snails

3 fighting conch snails

1 emerald mithrax crab


Do I have too many snails/not enough crabs?



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