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I need a different color bulb for my 32 watt csl.


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Does anybody know where I can get a different color temperature bulb for my 32 watt CSL Retro for my 7 Bow? The 50/50 that came with it is way too blue for my eyes. I get a headache everytime I look at the tank.





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k um, phreako says his bulb is too "blue" for his tastes. that's cuz csl smartlamps (the atinic side) peak at 460nm. PSL and Hellolights both sell a 420ish nm bulb (more purpl-ishous), but not in 32w size. too bad for u. looking at the spectrographomabobber graphs on marine depot, i suspect they're selling a bulb that's made by the same parent company as CSL. good luck on the search yo.

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