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Refugium mud in main tank


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Does this sound like a bad idea? I really like the look of black sand as a substrate so could I use this as my substrate in my main tank (I wont have a fuge) It says "Similar to varied sand in texture" and if it works so good in a fuge why wouldnt it be benificial in my main tank? What are everyones thoughts on this?

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Although some of it may be sand-grain in size, a good portion is very fine silt-like material. Wouldnt be a problem until something, fish or powerhead, stirred it up.


I had a refugium filled with mud and the same thing was true...everything was fine until I would get a little careless with digging in the fuge to grab a wad of chaeto, and then it was a cloud for at least a day.


If you like black sand, go with black sand

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