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Ocellaris Clown & Clown Goby


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I have a 7 month old 6gal nano. The ocellaris has been in there for about 6 months.


I just added a 1 inch clown goby two days ago or so, I've noticed that whenever the goby leaves the rocks or whatever he's perched on (usually the GSP) my clown zooms after him and will nip at his tail


Is there anything I can to to make my clown fish calm down? I'm afraid that he will stress my goby to death.

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The clown sees the tank as her territory, and the YCG as an intruder. She'll likely do her best to chase it away - in the ocean, it would leave. In a 6g tank, there's nowhere to go and I doubt the clown will give up. They may both end up quite stressed. One thing you could try is rearranging the rockwork, so they both have to establish a territory at the same time, but 6g isn't much space to share. IMHO take back the YCG and just keep the clown, or vice versa.

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