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Went to the LFS late yesterday and saw a roughly 3" x 6" zoanthid rock under the name 'blue dot colonial', at least 100 heads for $30, but all the zoanthids in the tank were closed. They told to come back today after they had gotten a chance to run a water test to see if there was anything going on. I got there and all the zoos were still closed, they had done the test and found nothing. I work for the next 5 days and would not have had a chance to get back to the store until Friday at the earliest, so I told them to just give it to me anyway, and they just charged me straight $30 with no tax.


I carefully inspected the rock for zoo eating snails or nudis, but couldn't find anything so I added them to the tank after acclimation. Yeah, I know, quarantine and all that, but I don't have a quarantine tank at the moment. Gotta fix that soon. Anyway, as of right now, three hours later almost all of the polyps are open. They're a beautiful lavender color, except for the mouths which are turqouis. Not bad for $30. :)

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