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Zoos Stem Growing Taller


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hi i usually have no chance in keeping zoos


when i bought them, they initially have fairly short stems which makes their colouration more intense.


after awhile their stems start to grow longer!

any idea why so?


im using an 150W MH.

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thanks dudes/duddettes for the tips


they are already closest to the MH at the top..

I think my bulb is getting old or something..


ill shift them to my 2footer with 2x T5 for the moment and see how it goes..


does all zoos practically require that much light?

i thought MH was pretty much an overkill for soft corals

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they usually don't require THAT much light. some of my zoos have slightly longer stems but it doesn't seem to affect teh coloration. The only time they grow like that is if they're on the underside of a rock and stretch outward and up toward the light.

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ZOA SWEEPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jUst kidding, that is weird though.


oh, maybe they are going to split in the center of the stalk and hope the broken off part starts a new colony... dunno, just a thought...

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