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Halide Lighting Question


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I have the opportunity to pick up a Giessman 230 plus (1x 250w halide) lighting system that is virtually new. I would be putting this over my 20 gallon high tank I am in the process of setting up. I plan on keeping a clam or two and want the option to keep SPS in the future, although I will begin with Softies....My question is, does anyone out there think it would be nuts to put a 250w halide over a tank that small? I have AC in the summer so heat will be dealth with appropriately, but is this too much light, is there such a thing? I don't want to give up the opportunity to get such a quality system (the thing is SWEET!), but I also don't want to vaporize my animals....I have experience with fish only tanks not reef so the intricacy of the lighting issue is new to me. Maybe someone out there has something larger over an even smaller tank with success and can provide me with some reassurement.



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This is true whooz....however, you have to keep in mind where the animals you wish to keep under such lighting actually came from. I mean, acropora and similar types are used to such lighting but others like some soft corals and LPS's dont need that kind of intensity and can even be harmed by it. The depth of a tank is also a factor since light intensity decreases as the depth increases...it also filters out more and more colors at the lower end of the spectrum as it gets deeper.

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