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Peppermint shrimp died


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Could a temperature shift of 3-4 degrees kill a peppermint shrimp? I have a 12 gal. Aquapod that up until yesterday has maintained an average temp of 79 degrees. The weather here got significantly warmer over the last few days and so did my tank. This morning I noticed it was at 83.4 degrees. I got home from work today and all I could find of my shrimp was a couple legs and one antennae. The other residents of my tank (1 clownfish, 2 nassarius snails, 5 astrea snails, 5 blue-leg hermits and 2 scarlet hermits) are all accounted for and look ok. I'm going to test my water and possibly do a partial change tonight. The temperature shift is my prime suspect right now, but what do you guys think?

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They generally "lay low" becasue their new shell is soft and they are staying out of harm's way until it hardens.


Like scottj2 said, give it some time.

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He molted a few days after I added him to the tank. That was only about two or three weeks ago. Would he molt again so soon?

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Thanks for your help!


I'm still skeptical (there's not too many places he could hide in such a small tank), but I'll keep an eye out for him.

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