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Peppermint nipping corals?


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I just caught my peppermint nipping at my yuma!! ARGH..anybody else have a solution to this issue? I've searched the threads and have found a couple other cases but no solution. Maybe i'll have to catch him somehow? Any way to do that easily? Thanks

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

is it a peppermint for sure? alot of lfs like to sell the unsuspecting customer, camel backs and tell them thier peps.


try feeding the shrimp a piece of krill. my peps get hold of krill when im feeding the eel. my pep will eat a piece of krill almost as big as he is, it takes him hours to suck it back. if there content with a large piece of food, they probably wont feel the need to nip at other corals

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Man, I suggest taking him out. I have a threesome of pep's and they ate my favorite peice of frogspwarn in a couple weeks. They also did a good job on my atipastia, but hey...he who eats the LPS has crossed the line.


Get rid of them, or dont buy polypy type corals. I find they dont eat most softies.


No matter how much you feed them, eventually they will eat your coral. Its just in their nature, and as they get older, that becomes apparent.


happy reefin'

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