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How do I get it I have 6lbs of live rock but it was all white I do have a spot of Coraline maybe about the size of a pencil eraser.

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See if you can hit the LFS and get a small, coralline-covered chunk. Maybe a zoa rock or something cheap.


Then scrape it with a razor, and dig little tiny chunks out while submerged, in front of a powerhead if possible. This will seed the tank and help accelerate spreading.

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Mine was slow to spread until I sorted out the calcium and ph buffer and got a fuge to reduce competition from non-coraline algae.... then it just took off from some tiny purple specs on the rocks. Still, it does take time.

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well usually people run 12 hour intervales. when your tank is done cycling, you will start to see coraline growth, i just started up a 24NC and all my rock is starting to turn white, stupid die off, but hopefully with in the next week or so i will start seeing all those vibrant colors i <3

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Light - more than 3 W per gal, time - 1.5 month in case of hard cured rock (with almost all life killed), 1.5 week in case of soft live rock curing (with light, really good flow and water changes), in my experience.

You always can add smallest pieces of new colorful (still live) rock, but better to keep it for a some time separately, to watch for a fouled pieces falling off.

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LOL lots of newb in this thread for coraline to grow you need this in this order......




Other trace elements (Stroimun, Magnessium)


Not alot of light is NEEDED just less time it takes with light

Purple Up is a good product but not needed just be patient if you rather save $ for other things

How much was that rock?


Like sayed about scraping it off of other rocks or the back once you get some there is a good idea to spead it up. This is what urchins do (Eat coraline = coraline poo spreaded around tank) Urchins arent "NANO" safe though dont get one.

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actually i would do calc,time,trace elements, then light. If you notice, coralline seems to grow quicker in areas that light isnt as intense IMO. I could be very wrong though. lol

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i am with reefin....my coraline dies off in really intense areas and resettles out of the evil suns way.


buy amazing live rock...that always helps

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My coralline was bleached until I raised the Ca level in the tank to over 450 using Purple Up. I also brought the Mg level over 1200 by dosing Kent Tech-M. Now my coralline is growing well and I only have a few bleached spots left on my live rock.

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